Designing Reading Portfolio of Procedure Text for X Grade (MA/ SMA Kelas X)

By Amik Amri Rahmadhi, M.Pd

Procedure text is a text which discusses about the set of steps. They should be completed in the right sequence in order to get the goal. In our daily life, we often have to perform some steps in order to make something or get it done. As we all know, it is good to know the way how to make something better and getting something done. Take for example if we want to make a cup of coffee. We have to follow the procedure in order to make it better. Otherwise, we feel something wrong with the coffee. The main discussion of procedure texts is merely how to make it and how to use it.

As one of material that is taught in senior high school grade, procedure text is discussed and presented by students. In listening, they will hear spoken monolog texts about the way how to make something, how to use something or how is something done. In speaking, they tell about how to make something or get something done individually in front of their friends in the class. In reading, they read a procedure text. In writing, they write their own procedure text.

The main discussion in this short article is only about reading of procedure text. It is especially about reading activity, assignment and reading portfolio. Here, the writer tries to develop student’s ability in reading by doing an extensive reading. In this activity, they are given an assignment to comprehend and master a procedure text. The assignment is to find out an example of procedure text from any sources. Then they answer some questions given based on the text they have read.

As stated in the previous paragraph, it focuses on reading of procedure text. The writer designs an assignment of reading activity of procedure. There are three main purposes of doing this assignment. First, to habituate students in reading English texts, Second, to drill their reading skill and comprehension so that they become better in solving reading problems, and third, to develop their experience how to make something or to get something done.

Based on the above explanation, here the writer explains how to implement this assignment, reading portfolio of procedure. This short article is written to share about an experience of teaching reading of procedure text.

How to do the assignment
1. Ask students to find out an example of procedure text. They may find it in a box of a product (medicine, electronics, household etc), in the pack of food product (noodle, supplement, drinking etc), or even in internet.

2. Ask them to enclose it if it is real and print or write it if they find it from internet or handbook.

3. Give them reading portfolio of procedure sheet. (You may DOWNLOAD it here).

4. Ask them to answer all problems themselves given by a teacher for a week.

5. Ask them to submit their works in the next week. They should enclose the source of reading text they choose.

How to assess it/ Assessment

After submitting this assignment, a teacher should assess it. If there is mistake or unanswered problem, teacher should cross the number of that problems that shows wrong answer or unanswered question. Then, a teacher should note students who had done it or not.


To assess students’ works, in this case, needs much time because of three reasons. First, teacher doesn’t have the real answer of problems given to students. So, teacher should know whether students had answered all problems or not. Second, teacher must check every student’s work. He/ she should examine one by one of those submitted paper. Third, teacher should give comments to students’ work. There is no real point students have but they will get some notes from their teacher such as excellent, good, fair, keep reading, your absorption in reading is very good and bad etc.

Other activity

After doing this activity, a teacher may ask them to present individually in front of the class. It relates with speaking assessment. Questions for Our students are 1. What is the topic of your procedure text? 2. where do find your procedure text? 3. How many steps to do in your procedure text? 4. Can you make/ use it? What do you think about it? Is it easy of difficult to do? 5. Can your mother/ father make it? Tell me about the steps!

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