Teaching Writing: A Complaint Letter

Grade : Senior High School (MA/ SMA)
Class : XI Science, Social and Language Class
Semester : Odd semester
Skill : Writing
Stage : JCOT (Join Construction of The Text), Written Cycle
           ICOT (Independent Construction of the Text), Written Cycle

Here, I am going to teach writing. The topic is writing a complaint letter. At the beginning of the lesson I ask them about word “COMPLAIN”. Then we discuss this topic. In teaching this topic, I follow the below procedures.


I ask students to make a small group consist of four students.

I give each group two papers. The first paper tells about complaint letter concept. And the second paper tells the example of complain letter and its reply.

I ask students to discuss them.

I ask each group to decide the problem that they face.

I write on the white board or black board 4 columns, the first column is group, and then problems, and then institution, place, people etc and the last is solution

I ask each group mention and write their problem on the white board or black board

I ask students to write a complaint letter together with the group members based on their own problem.

I Observe and also help students if they ask me about something they want to ask


In the end of the lesson I ask them to submit their work. I ask them whether they understand or not, can write it or not.

I tell them about home work. Individual assignment to write a complaint letter and submit it in the next meeting.

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